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An actor is a professional that impersonates a character or various situations – this takes talent, commitment and a lot of training, and the typical duties and responsibilities of modern actors vary from live stage performances in theaters to important roles in movies. Although the job of an actor may seem easy at first sight, depicting a character in a story using your body, voice and gestures can be very challenging, as you need to do this for entertainment purposes.

A Closer Look At The Duties Of The Actor

female actressAn actor who is truly committed to his job will memorize all the lines and try to identify himself with the character he is playing – this involves a lot of training and rehearsals, and it often happens that actors need to sing or to perform various stunts during their acts, not to mention that they must use different facial expressions and to change their voices and behavior in order to truly fit their character.

Some of the typical duties of the actor include interpreting a role or reproducing a situation, performing for a live audience or on the movie sets, doing TV or radio commercials as well as voice-overs for audiobooks and various advertisements or even keeping records, the latter being a rather administrative task that many actors deal with these days. One thing is for sure, though: what all actors have in common is their genuine desire for becoming the best at what they’re doing combined with intense rehearsal.

Education And Training Required For The Job Of Actor

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Although most actors and actresses use their native skills and the apprenticeship method in order to perfect their performances, some of them choose to enroll in specialized programs or acting classes provided by prestigious universities, conservatories and colleges – fortunately, most of them offer dramatic or formal theatrical training in this field. Entry-level actors usually have some experience with acting from high school if they used to play for the community theater or to appear in college plays, but the more advanced and experienced ones typically hold a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, a degree that surely opens many doors.

How Much Does An Actor Earn?

The salary of the actor depends a lot, especially since the amount of work is not always steady – for this reason, many actors are forced to get a second job or a part-time job to ensure a stable income. However, the highest paid actors work for movies or appear in commercials, while the entry-level ones typically act in smaller plays. The average hourly payment for actors is around $30.00, but it often happens that actors can negotiate their pay and earn up to $50.00 or more.

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